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Beach Bunny

Wednesday, Ky Voss

Sun, May 15, 2022
Doors: 7:00 pm
Show: 7:00 pm

9:30 Club
Washington, DC

There is delivery delay until one week prior to the event. Please Note: Any tickets suspected of being purchased for the sole purpose of reselling can be cancelled at the discretion of 9:30 Club/Ticketmaster. Opening acts, door times, and set times are always subject to change.

Beach Bunny

Few artists can pinpoint an emotion as clearly and honestly as Beach Bunny’s Lili Trifilio. The
Chicago artist writes songs about love and sadness that are so immediate it’s pretty much
universal. On Honeymoon, the excellent debut album from Trifilio’s songwriting project and
band, it’s as if she’s singing about things everyone has felt before but never had the courage to
put in words themselves. When she sings, “Part of me still wants you, part of me wants to fall
asleep” on the anthemic opener “Promises,” it’s vulnerable but it’s also defiant and wholly
Beach Bunny started in 2015 as a solo outlet for Trifilio to process her feelings about a budding
relationship. Her early recordings were spare, lo-fi and home-recorded, delicately tackling
heartbreak and loss across EPs like 2015’s Animalism, 2016’s Pool Party, and 2017’s Crybaby.
“When I started writing, I just needed to get out what I was feeling somehow. It was definitely a
very therapeutic process,” says Trifilio. Her performances at countless house shows and venues
around the city quickly earned her music a fervent local audience.


Ky Voss

Venue Information:
9:30 Club
815 V Street N.W.
Washington, DC, 20001

815 V ST. NW WASHINGTON, DC 20001 • PRIVACY POLICY • EMAIL: • PHONE: 202.265.0930